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About Us Mission and Vision

Prepare | Aspire | Succeed

Our aspiration is that at The Cottesloe School students will follow a 'Cottesloe Journey' that combines learning about and from the world we live in.  Students will experience a sense of fulfilment through educational and personal achievement.

Personal Development

The curriculum and wider experiences are inclusive and encourage and provide opportunities for all students to become healthy, happy and confident young adults who make a positive contribution to their diverse communities by demonstrating fundamental British values.


A progressive, deep, broad and knowledge-rich curriculum with clear milestones and expectations for all students.


Students develop healthy relationships with themselves, others and the community and learning habits that enable them to be successful at school and beyond.


Students develop a strong sense of personal responsibility, independence and a sense of fulfilment that enables them to securely take the next steps in education, employment.


At The Cottesloe School, we aim to prepare our students to achieve their best by taking the opportunities that school offers them so they become well educated active citizens