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Chromebook Rollout29/03/2021

I am delighted to inform you that the final batch of Chromebooks for Year 7 have arrived at school. These will be introduced to Year 7 during next week to enable us to have full coverage after Easter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support over the last few months. The global pandemic has created many barriers to our lives; nobody could have foreseen that the supply of devices across the world would have been so widely disrupted.

This is an exciting phase in our strategic development. The improvements we have seen in the use of technology to support learning created by periods of school closure and remote learning will be a springboard that will shape education for years to come. I am delighted that the current Year 7 are going to be leading the way in this cultural change at The Cottesloe School.

Now to practical matters. In order to support the range of circumstances that students have received or had access to their Chromebooks we have planned a number of events next week. Our ICT technical team and teaching staff will be leading a range of support opportunities to ensure that everyone can get online promptly after Easter.

Students with their own Chromebook purchased outside of the Cottesloe FreedomTech scheme
On our initial survey, a number of parents indicated that they had already purchased a Chromebook and you would like to use that in school. 
We are asking students to bring these devices to school on Tuesday 30th March so they can be configured by our ICT technical team. Students will be allocated a time on Tuesday morning to attend an appointment to enable them to use their Chromebook at school. Any devices not configured may not be able to access the school internet and platforms at a later date. The school will take no responsibility for any loss or accidental damage that occurs to any Chromebook not purchased through The Cottesloe School. Please check that you have the necessary insurance cover for using or transporting these devices outside of the home.

Please note that The Cottesloe School only supports the use of Chromebooks and not personal laptops.

Students who are awaiting delivery of their Chromebooks purchased through the Cottesloe FreedomTech scheme
We will be running a Masterclass for these students on Tuesday 30th March during period 4 at 12.55pm in the main assembly hall. Devices will be issued at this time and Mr Clawson, Head of ICT and Computing will walk the students through how to login, navigate the Google platform and get to grips with their new device. Our ICT technical team will also be in attendance to resolve any technical problems such as password.

Students who already have their Chromebooks purchased through he Cottesloe FreedomTech scheme
Those students who received their device a few weeks ago will be invited to Masterclass on Thursday 1st April during period 2 at 10.20am in the main assembly hall. Please bring your Cottesloe Chromebook with you to the session so we can check that you can login, navigate the Google platform and get to grips with using the device at school.

Students who do not fall into these categories will receive further communication shortly. There may still be an opportunity to join the scheme this academic year and purchase your own device. Moving forward it is our vision that all students across the school will use a Chromebook during their day-to-day learning both in school and at home.

I look forward to seeing this culture flourish over the coming months and years.

Yours sincerely
Mr S Jones

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