Head of Department - Miss Cox
E Cox Emma Cox
I have been head of department for four years and have worked at the Cottesloe, following my training, for eight years.
Lay M Miriam Lay, Teacher of Religious Studies and Sociology. Miriam is in her fourth year of teaching at the Cottesloe School, having previously taught at Queensbury, in Dunstable for seven years. 
Charlotte Cowley 2016 sm Charlotte Cowley teacher of Religious Studies and Sociology who trained at the Cottesloe four years ago and took up a full-time post here in 2015.

Subject Overview
In ethics and philosophy we encourage critical thinking in our students by looking at ultimate questions, beliefs about God, what it means to be human, and global ethical issues. Students are encouraged through a wide and varied curriculum to reflect on their beliefs and opinions, and those of others. They study teachings, practices and forms of expression, as well as the influence of religion on individuals, families, communities and cultures. They are required to evaluate issues of truth, beliefs, faith and ethics and communicate these through a variety of methods. For example a participating in a debate on the value of eating meat. 
Recently received a grant from the Jerusalem Trust and have been in receipt of 300 new Bibles. 

Current Year 11 OCR Ethics and Philosophy, AQA GCE Religious Studies and AQA GCSE Religious Studies.

Skills Developed
An A Level in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics is highly regarded by universities and is excellent preparation for degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, PPE Sociology and Law. Graduates in these subjects may go on to careers in Law, Civil Service, Foreign Office and Teaching. The Ethical theories studied in this A Level are also highly relevant to degrees in Medicine, Science and Business. We have had students studying Philosophy achieve A*s and go on to attend King's College London and Cambridge University.

Extra-Curricular Activities/Trips
Year 11 and Sixth Form students visit Auschwitz and the Imperial War Museum, to educate students on the horrors of the Nazi regime. We also attend conferences in London with guest speakers such as Mrs Doreen Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence's mother.

Recommended Reading
Religious studies GCSE textbook: ISBN 9781471866869
Reading list for A level

Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work
Year 7
Autumn 1 & 2
Introduction to Religious Education; key terminology and baseline test.
Hinduism; How might people worship? Learning about different forms of worship.
Christian Theology; Christian creation story.
​Spring 1 & 2
​Injustice in the world
Summer 1 & 2
Animal ethical Issues
Year 8
Autumn 1 & 2
Sources of Authority; Where do our moral rules come from?
Identity; what makes us who we are?
Spring 1 & 2
Justice; Martin Luther King & Human Rights
Arguments for and against the existence of God
Summer 1 & 2
Ethics and moral issues